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The Luis Palau Association headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon resides in a 35,000 square foot building, which was purchased through a donor gift in 2005.  It’s a true blessing that LPA does not carry a mortgage on this property.  However, it still comes with many expenses; property taxes, upkeep of the grounds, utilities and on-going maintenance. 

The last time the building was updated was over 15 years ago and work space designed at that time is not efficient for the use of the building in today’s working climate.  We have approximately 50 staff located in our building.  It’s become clear that with better utilization of our space, we could dedicate half of our building to other ministries in need of office space, conference rooms and a larger ‘event’ space for training and equipping.  We currently already have seven tenants (Mission Increase, Mike Silva, Jose Zayas, Compassion First, Transition Youth, Saint Child and First) which will be grandfathered into the new Palau Link Center.  Allowing new tenants to lease space from LPA would help us with upkeep of the building and be a steward of God’s resources.

LPA will be dedicating 35% of their building space to tenant ministries that can lease space for below market value.  They will also have the added benefit of community, to be developed by Sr. Director, Cindy Kirk, who has been on staff for over 6 years and serves on the LPA Cabinet.