A Vision for Greater Kingdom Impact

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We believe that dedicating our space to ministry partners will bring greater Kingdom Impact to the world. When we invest time in partnership with like-minded organizations, their mission can be carried on to the next generation of leaders.
— Cindy Kirk, LinkCenter Director
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In 2015, the Luis Palau Association in collaboration with Link2Lift (a company focused on bringing non-profits together in designated space) began to dream about collaborative work space. They desired a community of like-minded Christ followers who would collaborate and view their ministry as part of God’s Kingdom at work in the world.


The building that houses the Luis Palau Association was too large for their ministry needs, so the extra space was considered a Kingdom asset. In 2016 the organization began to ask, “what would Godly stewardship of our building look like?”


With the mission of the Luis Palau Association in mind, Proclaim the Good News, Unite the Church, and Impact Cities Worldwide, they knew that providing collaborative office space and other needed essentials to like-minded ministries was God’s intention for the space.

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